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3Q - 2021
3Q Ended Sep 30, 2021
Allfunds 3Q - 2021 Trading update PDF
Allfunds 3Q - 2021 KPIs XLSX
3Q 2021 Conference call: replay audio
Wednesday 20 October, 10am CET
1H - 2021
1H Ended Jun 30, 2021
Allfunds 1H - 2021 Results presentation PDF
Allfunds Press Release on Interim results PDF
Allfunds 1H - 2021 Interim Report PDF
Allfunds - KPIs and supplemental information XLSX
1H 2021 Webcast: replay video
Friday 3 September, 9am CET

Annual Report

Below you can find the latest financial and corporate governance reports issued by Allfunds.

  • To be shared later in the year


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